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GP Superclinic

GP Superclinic @ Midland Railway Workshops is a state of the art medical centre located within the iconic railway workshops. Our Superclinic is conveniently located opposite the new Midland Hospital and is close to rail and public transport. Free parking on site, paid parking across the road and disabled facilities are available.

We are passionate about illness prevention, quality of life, chronic disease management and whole person health care. Our goals focus on providing support for preventative health care including promotion of healthy lifestyles, educating our patients, addressing risk factor and lifestyle modification and improving early detection and management of chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, respiratory disease, mental illness, asthma and more.   As well as breaking down barriers impeding specialist integration into the primary care setting and improving these services in the community.

New patients undergo a comprehensive health check-up on their first visit to the Clinic, conducted by our highly skilled and professional healthcare team.

Our Superclinic is passionate about providing patient centred care which involves all members of the health care team.

Our Mission Statement

GP Superclinic @ Midland Railway Workshops’ mission is to provide high quality, innovative, compassionate, comprehensive and egalitarian healthcare to all of our clients, and in so doing be viable and sustainable for the future. Passionate about promoting wellness in a friendly and professional environment, the multidisciplinary team at GP Superclinic @ Midland Railway Workshops strives to build long term relationships with our clients based on mutual trust. We pride ourselves in carrying out holistic patient-centered care, with a focus on continuity of care and maintaining the highest degree of confidentiality. GP Superclinic @ Midland Railway Workshops supports this mission with a philosophy of adhering to the highest ethical standards in all of its conduct, its treatment of clients and employees, and in maintaining socio-environmental policies.

Our Team

Our Onsite Health Community at the Midland Railway Workshops includes highly skilled Female and Male General Practitioners all of whom are qualified with the Royal Australian College of General Practice, Specialist Physicians and Surgeons, Practice Nurses and Allied Health Professionals including Physiotherapists, Psychologists, Dieticians, Exercise Physiologists, Pharmacists, Podiatrists, Audiologists, supported by highly skilled teams of Administrative Staff led by highly competent and experienced Managers and local business owners.

Its is not unusual to find students and trainees of various disciplines such as nursing students, medical students, reception or management trainees, work experience students, podiatry or doctors in training learning alongside our team as we are passionate about building and shaping the future health workforce capacity in the Swan Region and passing on any experiences, knowledge and expertise to the future workforce. We value our Patients as the most important Teachers in the journey our students embark on and thank them for their significant contribution to our students' learning.   

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