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Billing Policies

See below for our Doctor's policies on weekdays and weekends.

Please be aware that some GP’s do privately bill from 1pm weekdays. Not all GP’s will bulk bill concession card holders or children under the age of 16. All weekend appointments are privately billed. If you are unable to attend your appointment please cancel your appointment at least 4 hours’ notice or a “did not attend” fee may be charged and payable prior to your next visit.

Dr Admas Haile has opened a before hours clinic 7.30-8.00am for people needing scripts or med certificates only(not Workers comp 5min appt and require face to face consult . pls book these appts online or call the clinic on 9374 7000 at 8.00 am

We do not do any telephone appointment on any private billing times during the week or on the weekend.


Monday – Friday 8.00am to 1.00pm Bulk Billed (Some consultations or procedures are not fully covered by Medicare and may incur an out-of-pocket gap)

MONDAY - Friday PRIVATE All Patients from 1.00-3.45 pm unless valid con card holder / under16

PLEASE NOTE After 3.00pm Some Drs Privately bill all patients INC VALID CON/CARD HOLDERS AND UNDER 16 please read your practitioner booking rules on HotDoc or call our friendly reception staff to help you.


Weekend - All Patients are Privately billed (Including healthcare card holders and all children)

NEW PATIENTS - will be privately billed for your initial consult and payment will be requested at 8.00 am on the morning of your appointment to secure your booking.

DNA – (missed Appt) The practice requires at least 4 hours notice

If you are unable to attend your appointment please cancel your appointment or a “did not attend” fee will be charged and payable prior to booking your next booking.

Private appointments in the above times will incur a private fee. If you are not covered by Medicare or see a doctor for an issue not covered under the MBS, a private fee will apply

If you are covered by Medicare, you will be able to claim your rebate back (see below for more information).


Here are our private fees and rebates. Please note these fees also apply to our telephone consults during private billing times

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Other Types of Appointments

Workers Compensation and Motor Vehicle appointments (covered under ICWA) will incur a private fee that must be settled on the day. Please contact reception for more information on these services.

Appointments that do not fall into the pre-mentioned groups (for example patients not covered by Medicare) and who are not DVA, Workers Compensation or Motor Vehicle patients, will incur a private fee of which the patient can claim themselves.

Medicare eligible health care assessments, chronic illness management care plans and mental health care plans are always bulk billed for everyone.

We can help you claim your rebate back from Medicare on the day. If you have registered your bank details with Medicare your rebate is available to you almost immediately.

Appointments for more specialised services such as Implanon Insertion / Removal, IUD Insertion /Removal, Iron Infusion and Ear Syringing,  will incur a private fee at all times for all patients and will require an initial consult first and then a separate consult for the procedure. 

For any pregnancy related appointments, please contact reception to book an appointment. 

The GP Super clinic welcomes New Patients at all times for available appointments and bookings can be made online or by calling the clinic on 08 9374 7000 during opening hours.


Assisting with your claim

If you are entitled to a Medicare rebate, we are able to assist you with your claim.
There are three ways we can do this:

(1) - Direct Refund
If you have a card with a savings or cheque account, we will able to refund your rebate straight back to you after you have paid.

This method does not work with NFC Cards (Apple Pay, Google Pay etc.)


(2) - Medicare Online
We can also claim online through Medicare and the rebate will be credited to you through your nominated bank account with Medicare.


(3) - In-Person
We can provide you a receipt for your consult and you can claim it yourself over the phone, in person or online with Medicare.


Please note that if the patient is 15 years or under, we will not be able to process the claim on your behalf. At the end of the consult, we will provide you with a receipt and you can claim it over the phone, in person or online with Medicare.

If you have any questions, please contact reception for assistance.

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